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The BDSM Events Page is the one of the oldest kinky event resources on the net. Established in January 1996, our goal has always been to update our site on a regular basis. Many events sites are never updated or are submission regulated, which makes the content out of date as soon as an event has passed. We update our site twice a month, so our content is always accurate. Our steady traffic (about 50,000 page views a month), are visitors who are interested in your product. We set our pay per click advertising structure at reasonable levels so any advertiser with any sized budget can afford to advertise on our site. The beauty of pay per click is that you only pay when someone actually clicks your ad. For as little as $25.00 you can start your very own Ad campaign and start driving traffic to your site or store. Think of it, for just $0.08 per click you can bring a customer into your virtual door. No sign up fees, no hidden costs.

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